Kids Code Fun offers computer programming for children in Warsaw. Our school helps children gain the digital skills they need to succeed in the future. We teach programming, project design, and cybersecurity. Our school organizations workshops, courses, and trainings, with over 2000 students and participants to date.

Our mentors

Kids Code Fun instructors are experienced and trained in providing children with a creativity-based programming education. All hired instructors have an education in either pedagogy or computer science, and are personally trained by our staff.


Karolina Cikowska

Born in Poland, Karolina was raised in New York City. After receiving an education in Psychology, she returned to Poland and noticed the unfortunate lack of women working in technology. She decided to establish the Girls Code Fun Foundation and inspire girls to pursue an education in technology at a young age. One year later she co-founded Kids Code Fun, and has been enjoying developing programming for children in Warsaw since!

Van Anh Dam

Born in Vietnam and raised in Poland, Van Anh Dam is a seasoned educator. When working, she combines her experience in education, creative projects and passion for new technology.
One of her favorite things to do is explaining to children and adults alike what programming is using a stuffed chicken hat. Van Anh is also the education program creator at Girls Code Fun.

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