Schools often lack educators who teach children with patience and passion. That is why we collaborated with IGT ( to develop Very Senior Developers- a project that aims to integrate two generations and help them gain digital skills by working together.

The first edition of Very Senior Developers launched in September 2016. We taught a group of older adults how to program in Scratch Jr, and trained them to teach preschool children to code. We successfully broke down intergenerational barriers and the tablets became a tool that allowed them to learn and grow creatively together.

II Edition of Very Senior Developers: Digital Stories

The sucess of the project’s first edition inspired the launch of the second edition of Very Senior Developers: Digital Stories. This time older adults and children from an orphanage worked together for a five week program. Participants were divided into two groups: Digitial Storytellers (13-15 year olds + Older Adults), where orphaned teenagers worked with older adults in creating animations and promoting them on social media, and Junior Digital Storytellers (6-7 year olds) where trained older adults from our program’s first edition taught a group of orphaned preschool children to code on Scratch Jr.